Whiskey Rocks With Rocking Tumblers Set - VERY Cool!

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Glacier Rocks Rocking Tumblers Set - On The Rocks Takes On a Whole New Meaning!

Note: The tumbler glasses have slight imperfections in the glass such as "bubble" marks but are still 100% usable

This set, complete with two rocking glasses, 6 Glacier Rocks, and a canvas pouch, has everything to make your next cocktail night a success! Our Glaciers Rocks are a great and easy way to cool your drinks without diluting them. Made from natural soapstone, they'll never alter the flavor of your drink. Ever. Rinse before use. Freeze rocks for at least two hours prior to use. These rocks are dishwasher safe but rinsing under a tap is all they need.

  • Includes: 2 rocking tumblers, 6 Glacier Rocks, and 1 canvas storage pouch for rocks
  • Rocks made from natural soapstone