Perfect Meatloaf Pan Set - Meatloaf That Never Falls Apart!

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Product Info

The Perfect Meatloaf Pan As Seen On TV is the non-stick way to bake, lift and serve meatloaf without the mess. Meatloaf cooks evenly, drains fat and never falls apart with this revolutionary, aerated tray. It is very simple to prepare meatloaves using this tray. You have to just place the meatloaf into the aerated tray and place it inside this nonstick meatloaf pan. After baking in the oven you can easily lift the tray and serve the delicious meatloaf. The meatloaf is well cooked and much of the fat is drained when you use this cooking pan.

Product Details
  • Perfect Meatloaf Pan:
  • Removable aerated tray
  • Elevates meatloaf to drain fat and circulate heat
  • Never soggy, cooks evenly, every time
  • Includes 1 pan, 1 removable aerated tray and bonus recipe guide