Monthly Brand Name Sunglasses Club - Two Pairs Delivered Every Month at 75% Off Retail! GREAT for those who tend to misplace their sunglasses! Only $9.99/mo (75% off) if you decide to keep it going! Shipping is free every month!

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Yes, we realize our prices seem too good to be true, but they are! We've been at this for over 10 years and our prices just keep getting better!
Retail: $40.00
You save: 75%
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Product Info

Misplace your sunglasses often? Well, let us help you with that! Every month we will send you various styles of NAME BRAND sunglasses. The same ones you would have to pay $20-$30 each in stores, we deliver right to your door. If you or someone you know is constantly going through sunglasses, this is the PERFECT solution! No more having to drop $20-$30 bucks every time you lose or break your shades.

  • Shipping is free every month
  • Choose from Men's (2 pair), Women's (2 pair) and Man/Woman Mix (1 pair of each)
  • Styles will vary from pair to pair. Aviator, sport and more.
  • Retail value of the glasses will vary from about $20 - $30 per pair
  • All pairs will be name brand
  • You will receive 2 pairs per month for $9.99/mo
  • You will not receive 2 identical pairs in a single month, however please consider that you may receive a duplicate pair in a future month.
  • Cancel anytime you like

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