FDK Speaking Infrared Non Contact Instant Read Thermometer - (English/Spanish/French) - For children AND adults! - Reads temperature without contact, or placing in mouth, ear etc - Also, no waiting, this reads accurate tempature instantly! THIS ALSO SCANS ROOM TEMPERATURE! This is very, VERY cheap for an infrared thermometer - SHIPS FREE!

Yes, we realize our prices seem too good to be true, but they are! We've been at this for over 10 years and our prices just keep getting better!
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Product Info

Finding the right digital thermometer can be challenging, especially for your newborn. Luckily, we have the solution... our FDK Digital Forehead Thermometer! This digital infrared thermometer is the perfect companion for families as it can be used not just for head thermometer for kids, but also for the kids room thermometer. Our portable thermometer gives you an accurate reading without the need to beg your child to stay put or even disrupt sleep at 3 AM, and you can make sure their room is at a perfect temperature. Your kid will love you more! Accurately monitor your child’s fever thermometer as often as you like with this child thermometer. Whether it is a sleeping newborn, a child, or a sick adult, quickly monitor temperature without disrupting normal activity. The no-touch instant scan feature of this no touch thermometer gives you peace of mind without ever touching the body. You can retrieve the last 12 readings to track history. The FDK non contact thermometer delivers quick results in two ways. You can read the digital display on the adult thermometer large backlit LCD screen or use the talking function in English, Spanish or French. Now it's easy to get results from an infant thermometer. What are you waiting for? Get the most accurate thermometer to have hassle-free temperature monitoring for your kids!

Product Features
  • INFRARED THERMOMETER medical instant read thermometer digital that provides most accurate results FOREHEAD THERMOMETER FOR KIDS infant thermometer, newborn thermometer for baby, touchless, compact TODDLER THERMOMETER kids thermometer and fever thermometer for adults for easy fever monitoring DIGITAL THERMOMETER medical thermometer forehead, 1 second scan and memory recall for 12 scans SMART THERMOMETER room thermometers indoor, changeable units, 3 audio options; English/Spanish/French

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