BACK IN STOCK! - Magnetic High Speed Charge/Sync Cables - One hand plug / unplug, no kinking...just all around amazing! USB-C, iPhone and Micro Compatible - 3 and 6 Foot Available - THESE ARE AWESOME! 99 cent shipping, but order 2 or more and get FREE SHIPPING!

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Product Info

Magnetic tipped cable for super easy (one handed) connections! Comes with 3 types of tips: USB-C, Micro and iPhone!These cords support data transfer up to 480 MB a second and super a super fast charge rate due to their 24k gold plated connectors which allow for low resistance connections. The cable has a woven nylon covering for a tangle free experience.

Comes in your choice of USB-C, Micro and iPhone. Choose 3 foot or 6 foot options

Product Features
  • Magnetic charge cord
  • Magnetic charge cable for Android and iPhone
  • Choose USB-C, Micro and iPhone
  • Choose 3ft or 6ft options
  • Allows up to 3amp charging
  • Data transfer up to 480MBS
  • 24K gold plated terminals for low resistance
  • Random color
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