10" x 10" Double-Sided Black and Gray Felt Letter Board. Comes with 680 Letters, Oak Wood Stand, Scissors and 2 Storage Bags! Makes a great gift, so go ahead and load up because this SHIPS FREE!

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Double-Sided Letter board, so you can change from black background to gray background just by turning it around and give each message a special touch depending on the occasion. Convenient, low-profile and stable wood stand that allows you to display your messages with ease and also lets you display both sides simultaneously. Comes equipped with a wall mount hanger (installed on the gray side) for those occasions when you prefer to display your messages on a wall for better visualization or because sometimes it is just more convenient. The letter board frame and the stand are both made of durable Oak wood that gives them a beautiful finishing and will last for years. We have included with this product everything you will need for a frustration-free experience: 680 letter, symbols and emojis; High Quality Stainless Steel scissors to cut your letters with ease from the letter blocks; 2 zippered felt bags with pocket for easy storage of your characters. We recommend storing your letters in one of the bags and the symbols and emojis in the other to make it easy to search for the characters you need for your next message.

  • EXTRA HIGH QUALITY - Made with high quality solid natural oak wood and soft yet durable felt. High quality stainless steel scissors, zippered felt bags and durable plastic characters.
  • ALL YOU NEED IS INCLUDED - Enjoy 2 different background colors (black and gray) to give your messages a unique, personal touch each time. You will be getting plenty of letters, symbols and emojis, stainless steel scissors to cut your letters as you need them, 2 zippered felt bags to conveniently store your letters, and a high quality/small profile oak wood stand.
  • COMMUNICATE BEAUTIFULLY AND WITH STYLE � Important occasions need effective communication tools. Surprise everybody at a wedding, baby shower, Mother�s Day, Father�s Day, St. Valentine�s Day or Back to School Day with your heartfelt messages.