12 PACK - Que Bella In-Shower Gel Mask - This mask has caffeine and antioxidants to promote cell production and keep skin looking refreshed. SHIPS FREE!

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12 Pack - Que Bella In-Shower Gel Mask Facial Treatment - 0.5oz/15g Each Pack

A 5 minute facial Enjoy this 5 minute in-shower gel face mask for a quick-fix treatment. The caffeine provides the perfect pick-me-up whilst the antioxidants help to defend against free radicals and draw out impurities. The mask also helps to boost surface cell production, and the avocado oil helps to smooth and hydrate the skin.

Directions: Simply cleanse your face with warm water, then apply the mask with your fingertips, avoiding your hair eyes, eyebrows and lips. Relax and enjoy for up to 15 minutes during your shower, then rinse with warm water and gently pat dry.