Fireproof Lipo Safe Bag- Large Capacity (8.8"X5.9"X6.9"). Explosion-Proof Bag for Battery Charging Storage. Lipo Battery Guard with Two Charging Holes. SHIPS FREE!

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Product Info

Homiar Lipo safe bags are designed for safer charging, storage and transportation of lipo batteries and other batteries. It reduces the risk while charging the lipo battery and protects from moisture and dust during storage. If it catches fire while charging, you can quickly put the lipo battery into the lipo bag to prevent the fire from spreading. You can also store valuables in this fire retardant bag.

Fireproof & Waterproof Zipper
Prevents flames from entering the interior of the lipo bag and protect the battery in time. Isolates moisture, keeps the bag dry, and prolongs the service life of the battery.

Sturdy Velcro
Velcro can effectively prevent the contents of the bag from spilling out and improve carrying safety.

Special Battery Charging Hole
Charging the battery more safely and conveniently. Reduces the folding of the power cord and increases the service life of the battery.

  • Fireproof Lipo Safe Bag: The Inner layer is made of fireproof fiberglass fabric and the surface is made of aluminum foil coating. Double-layer fireproof material protect your lipo battery
  • Protect Lipo Battery : Homiar Lipo safe bags are designed for safer charging and storage of batteries. When you want to charge, transit, or storage lipo battery safely, this fire retardant bag would be a good option for you
  • Updated Design: Velcro seal design reduces airflow and oxygen helping to smother flames, extinguish fire quickly. Two special charging hole, reduce the folding of the power cord and ensure the more convenient usage
  • Large Capacity: Lipo battery bag dimension is 8.8"X5.9"X6.9", which can contains about 25pcs 3 Cells 2200mAh lipos. It can also fit normal lipos, liFe, liHv and other batteries
  • Easy To Use: Equipped with PU handle and strap, easy to carry and suitable for carrying batteries when going out. The waterproof zipper prevents the battery from damp