6 Pack of BLACK MARLIN Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets + Bonus Emergency Whistle & Fire Starter - SHIPS FREE!

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Product Info

Your search for the ideal emergency survival blankets is finally over.

When you purchase Black Marlin Sport's Emergency Blankets today do this..

When that box arrives at your door, take out the brand new lymar blankets that are perfect for emergency situations.. You now have in your hands the highest quality emergency blanket on the market.

Gift yourself - or those favorite people in your life - the highest quality emergency blankets on the market

Benefits of Black Marlin Sports emergency blanket:
1. Tough & Dependable
2. Emergency Use
3. Easy to carry & virtually weightless
4. Increase your chances of survival & rescue

SAVE today up to 75% OFF IN YOUR OUTDOORS ITEMS! EMERGENCY BLANKET TOUGH & DEPENDABLE - Our heavy duty 84" X 52" reflective silver thermal insulation blankets are made with top quality Mylar developed by NASA space technology to ensure they will insulate against cold, snow, the harshest weather and extreme outdoor conditions every time. All weather, waterproof and wind proof.

EMERGENCY USE - Perfect for emergency situations where warmth or protection from all-weather conditions is required. Helps prevent hypothermia and shock by retaining/reflecting up to 90% of a user's body heat. our blankets can help block rain, snow, and moisture to keep you dry in damp, wet, cold, rainy environments

EASY TO CARRY AND VIRTUALLY WEIGHTLESS - Each 62" x 82" blanket weighs 1.75 oz. and is individually packed in a sealed bag for easy storage and retrieval. The pocket-sized design fits in any backpack, bug out bag, car glove compartment, emergency preparedness or first aid kit

INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF SURVIVAL AND RESCUE - Tough, durable and designed for survival situations. The reflective silver and high visibility orange thermal blankets can also be used as an effective shelter or signaling device in the event of an accident or extreme weather