O WOW Crazy Cow Wooden Puzzle - 271 Unique Shaped Pieces Jigsaw Puzzles - Take your puzzlin' game to the next level! - These are very expensive puzzles, so don't miss out on this one at this price! - SHIPS FREE!

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Animal Themed Puzzle Set - Enjoy a relaxing time with this fantastic puzzle!Many cute animal pieces puzzles which is unique in style from many other puzzles toys. Perfect wall decor for home office.

High-quality Materials - Each puzzle pieces are laser cut with high precision, more smooth and tough. Nice printing on the wooden surface with the best non-toxic printing paint and a stained and finished protective coat, to make sure the color is bright and durable.

Challenge and Fun - Complete the jigsaw puzzle and recovery the beautiful images. It’s a game to enlarge your brain capacity, a game to strength eye-hand-imagination coordination. It’s not so easy to complete the puzzle, but once finished, you will be proud of yourself.

Home Interactive Game - Nothing to do during weekend or holiday? Trying this interactive puzzle game! It will make everyone busy but enthusiastic, families & friends will have more chance to talk together.

  • 11x12.7 inch
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