28 Pack of Cute Assorted Wind-Up Toys! - $2-$3 each in stores, but you're getting all 28 for just $24.99, less than 99 cents each! - You will receive the assortment you see - Order 2 or more 28 packs and SHIPPING IS FREE!

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Wind-up toys are one of the most popular toys due to the simple, and affordable concept behind them. The custom-built wind-up toys are a great way to expand the growth with children through physical science. The mechanism used through the wind-up toy can perform a range of motions, from simple to very complex. Making the child very curious and engaged to assemble themselves. Wind-up toy can also be educational to (observe and investigate) the motion of energy, Measuring the distance, and timing the speed. The fun and learning are endless with the wind-up toys!

  • Wind-up toys, powered by a metal spring that is tightened by turning it, classical funny simple games, Non-toxic and odor-free.
  • Perfect gift for kids’ party favors, goodie bags, classroom rewards, stocking stuffers, easter egg stuffers.
  • Clockwork toy, each character does a different trick such as swimming in water, flipping, sliding, spinning, walking, shaking head or tail and many more to be discovered.
  • Wind-up toys measure about 2+ inches, including dinosaur, butterfly, hamburger, monkey, fish, ice cream, plane, owl, mouse and crab etc.
  • Each of them has a windup mechanism.
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