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2-in-1 LED workshop light with COB work light and versatile mounting options. This X4-LIFE light offers torch and COB work light in one. At the simple push of a button, which can be easily operated in heavy gloves, switch between the two light modes. The base of the light is rotatable and allows the clamp hidden in the foot to be ideally aligned for the application. The magnet on the base of the light and the hook on the back provide additional mounting options. Features: - Extra bright 3 W COB light and 1 W LED torch - Versatile mounting options thanks to rotating base with magnet, integrated clamp and folding hook for hanging. Technical data: - Power: COB: 3 Watt | torch: 1 Watt - light output: COB : 180 lm | torch: 80 lm - light duration: up to 6 hours - includes 3 x AAA batteries - weight: 136 g - dimensions: 22.0 x 4.5 x 4.1 cm

Two modes: this work light has a total of two light modes. By pressing the button, you can turn on the torch (top) and super bright COB work lighting.

Can be fixed – the foot has a strong clamp with a span of 2.5 to 3 mm. There are also two magnets at the bottom, so that the work lamp can be optimally aligned. Can be hung up with the hook.

Rotatable: when the work light is fixed with the clamp or the magnet, the base can also be rotated 360 degrees. So you can optimally illuminate any area.

Bright and economical – COB LEDs offer a homogeneous beam quality and a high colour rendering index. So 3 watts are enough to glow very bright. This is energy saving and allows use for a whole 5 hours.

Uses: the workshop light can be used in a wide range of areas: workshop, car, truck, bicycle, camping, hiking, camping, outdoor, indoors, outdoors, repairs etc.

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