Squared Away Felt Bedside Pocket Caddy - 1 large pocket and 4 small pockets. - Simply side under your mattress or in between your mattress and frame and BOOM...everything within reach! You can also slide under a couch cushion - The soft felt texture means there's no chance at scratching screens on your phone / tablet. $25 on amazon with 2,000+ 5-star reviews - see additional image, but just $14.99 from us! Order 2 or more and SHIPPING IS FREE!

Yes, we realize our prices seem too good to be true, but they are! We've been at this for over 10 years and our prices just keep getting better!
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Product Info

STYLISH ORGANIZER - This bedside pocket caddy offers a modern and convenient way to keep your essentials organized and within easy reach, whether it's your phone, remote control, or a book.

UNIVERSAL FIT - This caddy is a versatile addition to your living space, designed to fit most mattresses and couches. Its universal compatibility ensures you can use it in various rooms around your home.

SOFT AND SCRATCH-FREE - Crafted from a blend of 80% felt, and 20% polystyrene, this caddy is sturdy and soft, ensuring it won't scratch or damage your belongings. It's designed with care to protect your possessions.

EASY MAINTENANCE - Keeping your caddy clean is a breeze. With a spot-clean design, it's a low-maintenance organizer that adds convenience to your daily routine. Designed to fit most mattresses and couches, it's a versatile addition to any room in your home.

THOUGHTFUL DESIGN - Designed by Drew Pettinga, this bedside pocket caddy measures 13.1 inches in length, 1.37 inches in width, and 9.8 inches in height. It's a thoughtful and practical addition to any bedroom, making life easier and more organized.

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