Lego Man or Blocks Style Silicone Ice Cube / Baking Mold

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Block Man Style molds will create 8 mini-figure sized or 1 Large and 4 medium ice cubes, chocolates, candy confections & more! The Block Trays allows you to create the ultimate themed confection!

So many uses! Can be used as a candy mold as well! Dishwasher safe! Each mini figure mold is the same size as a real block man and measures about 4 cm high, 2 1/2 cm wide and 1 cm deep. Use for ice, chocolate, gummies, candy, soap, baking, & more! Add colors and get creative!

The optional Large Block Man Mold is 9cm x 5.5 cm and the Large with Small Block Men Mold features 1 Large 9cm x 5.5 cm block man and 4 4.5cm x 2.7cm block men.


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