Carpool Kenny - Inflatable Passenger For The HOV Lane!

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CarPool Kenny - Inflatable Passenger For The HOV Lane!

Are you frustrated by endless traffic jams? Do you glare at the HOV/Carpool lane wishing you could cruise past everyone? Of course, in order to do that you need at least two people but who wants to carpool? That's why you need Carpool Kenny! He'll get you where you want to go without the annoying chatter. Just inflate him and you're ready to go.

Carpool Kenny is also great as a bar buddy! Worried about driving alone at night? Take Kenny along!

  • Carpool Kenny is a inflatable passenger for your car
  • Inflated size measures 34" High x 19" Wide
  • Cruise the HOV lane and arrive faster (where laws allow)
  • Discourages car jacking!
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