2 Pack of Ultimate Water and Stain Repellent Protector Spray for Genuine and Faux Leather, Suede, Paper, Cloth (2-PACK) - Protect your clothing and shoes from stains and water with this Eco-friendly repellent. It's easy to apply and just one coat can last you up to 3 months! - SHIPS FREE!

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Product Info

  • The Lotus Effect: Inspired by the remarkable way lotus leaves repel water and contaminants, our BTW40-NANO leather protector spray brings this ingenious concept to your fashion accessories. Embrace dryness and style even on rainy days.
  • Eco-Friendly & Sustainable: Step away from traditional fluoride-based water repellent sprays. Our shoe stain and water repellent employs cutting-edge nano-technology, delivering a 100% eco-friendly solution that's non-toxic. It's free of fluoride and heavy metals, safeguarding your well-being and the environment.
  • More Protection, Uncompromised Style: Our premium waterproofing spray provides unrivaled defense against water and dirt, all without altering the texture or color of your cherished belongings. Wear your favorite items longer, knowing that no rainy day can harm your shoes or clothes.
  • Universal Use: Extend the life of your shoes, bags, umbrellas, and clothes with a simple application of our leather spray. It's effective on genuine, synthetic, or suede leather, as well as paper and fabric. Embrace worry-free protection for all your outdoor gear.
  • Effortless Application: Waterproofing your shoes or bag is as easy as applying a thin coat of our leather protector to a clean, dry surface. Gently rub the product with a clean cloth to ensure even coverage, then allow it to dry for 5-10 minutes. A single application of our leather silicone resin coating can last for up to 3 months.

Experience premium, eco-friendly waterproofing with our innovative Nano technology water repellent spray. Make a choice that's kind to both your possessions and the planet.