Smart Gel and Memory Foam Chair Seat Cushion - What makes it "smart"? You have the option of setting a buzzing timer when you've been sitting for 60 minutes so you can get up and move around. Orrrrrr you can ignore that feature. Who's this cushion think it is, telling you to get up?? Hush your mouth, butt cushion! All up to you :) - Order 2 or more and SHIPPING IS FREE!

Yes, we realize our prices seem too good to be true, but they are! We've been at this for over 10 years and our prices just keep getting better!
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ALTER SEDENTARY STUDY OR WORK - Most of our health problems are caused by our sedentary lifestyle. Increasingly sedentary lifestyle will increase the risk of disease, causes obesity, causes a tight lower back, low back pain and tailbone pain. This is the FIRST INTELLIGENT SEDENTARY REMINDER office chair cushion on the market. After sitting for about 60 minutes, it will vibrate to remind you to get up and rest.

IMPROVE SITTING POSITION, REFUSE CROSSED LEGS- Do you know the harm of sitting cross-legged for a long time? Sitting with crossed legs can cause varicose veins or blood clots in the legs, cause spinal deformit, lower back pain, hip bone distortion, and so on. If you sit on the seat cushion with your legs crossed for more than 30 seconds, it will vibrate to remind you to uncross your legs and help you maintain good sitting habits.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN- Our cushion for office chair is designed for maximum comfort. The U-shaped design will relieve the pressure on your coccyx. The arc shape design will hold your hip as well as provide evenly distributed support to minimize pressure to the maximum extent. It is the low back pain, sciatica and tailbone pain relief cushion.

PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS - Our office chair pillow is made of high-quality durable high-density memory foam with cool gel layer. It provides comfortable support. It can slowly rebound and regain its shape, never flatten.

MULTIPLE USES - You can use our seat cushions to improve sitting comfort anywhere and anytime. They work great as wheelchair cushion, computer chair cushion, desk chair cushion, car seat cushion.