12 Pack NEOH Coconut Keto Bars - Chocolate Dipped Protein "Candy Bar", Gluten-Free, Low-Calorie, Low-Carb, Plant-Based, High-Fiber Snacks, No Added Sugar, 1 Ounce Individually Wrapped Bars. 100% taste with ZERO sugar added. These are some of the best healthy, keto-friendly snacks on the market today! You're getting a GREAT deal because these are "best by" April, but we all know how arbitrary those dates are and they will be good long past that - Order 2 or more 12-packs and SHIPPING IS FREE!

Yes, we realize our prices seem too good to be true, but they are! We've been at this for over 10 years and our prices just keep getting better!
Retail: $35.88
You save: 58%
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Product Info

About this Item:

We dream of a candy shelf without added sugar!

 With NEOH we show, that this is possible. We offer 100% taste with ZERO sugar added. Instead of sugar, we use our secret sugar replacement formula ZERO+ that consists of vegetable fibers and fermented corn. Our bars have only 1g sugar, 3g net carbs, high fiber, and low calories. These are the best healthy, keto-friendly snack!

  • Brand: NEOH
  • Best by April 2024
  • 12 bar caddy - Retails on Amazon for $22.99
  • Type: Snack/Nutrition bar
  • Flavor: Coconut
  • Each caddy contains 12 bars
  • Bar's Net weight: 1.1oz (30g)
  • 1g of Sugar
  • 110 calories per bar
  • KETO Friendly
  • Gluten Free

Item Description: 

IT'S TIME TO RAISE THE BAR: Delight your sweet tooth with each luscious bite of our luxuriously rich, chocolate-dipped gourmet candy bar, the indulgent treat designed to fuel your keto journey and fully satisfy even the most ferocious cravings

FUEL THAT FOOLS YOUR TASTEBUDS: The chewy, tasty snack for candy-lovers on a vegetarian, keto, or paleo diet, NEOH's smart and satisfying non-GMO, gluten-free bars deliver dreamy, decadent flavor without the dreaded afternoon slump

THE HEROES OF ZEROES: Stay active and energetic with low-calorie, low-carb, and plant-based sweets that contain zero added sugar or palm oil and only 3 grams of net carbs while delivering the fiber and powerful antioxidants your body needs to succeed

BEWARE OF SNACK ATTACKS: This 12-count box of individually wrapped 1-ounce bars provides the perfect portion at home or on the go, and can be stored in your pantry, desk, office, bag, or suitcase to tackle snack attacks when they strike

FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT: At NEOH, we're on a mission to prove that a candy bar can taste amazing without the sugar overload. We use a blend of natural, low-calorie sugars to create a keto-friendly dessert loaded with 100% of the flavor you crave